The Best Fall Denim Jeans Trends

      WE LOVE JEANS!! 

 Jeans have evolved over the year starting as part of a miners uniform in the 1800. They have played a big part in our culture. When you think of cowboys, you think of jeans. If you were a cowboy you wore jeans. During the 1960's hippie movement jeans took on a new rival in design. They were colored, patched, embroidery and even cut-offs. In the 1970's we were blessed with bell-bottoms and stone washed styles. Given much variety to what originated as a miners uniform.
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Jeans took to the fashion runway in 1981 by Calvin Klein. The campaign was huge featuring model Brooke Sheilds. I think we all remember this. Jeans became high fashion and found love with the working-class and high-class wardrobes.
This seasons denim embraces all the history of  jeans. Jeans are now excepted in many work places and clubs. This year designer have given us many styles to choose from. Are hearts are delighted with everything from patchworks to fringe, combination of dark and stone washed and flare legs to skinny jeans, there's something for every personality.
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Appliqued mid-rise flared jeans 
A vision of art. Beautiful to look at with a easy mid rise fit. The flare cut looks great with a variety of shoe choices. Heels are my favorite with this cut. Your perfect hippie glam jean.
MOTO Lucas Boyfriend Jeans:
Lucas Boyfriend Jeans
The boyfriend cut is super easy to wear and looks great on most figures. Trendy patch work and bleach stone wash denim is a base for street chic dressing. Add a simple tee of even cute suspenders. Top it off with a fitted motorcycle jacket and converse sneaker or boots.  
Roberto Cavalli
 Patchwork high-rise flared jeans
Layed  back chic effortless glam. Roberto Cavalli's 2016 fall collection is inspired by the 1970's rock' n' roll era. As we are seeing from many designer this season. His collection is full of patchwork, lace dresses and platform boots. One of my favorite collections this season. These jeans combine the patchwork trend and the blend of different light and dark washes.  Add your own personality accessories and create a look of your own.  
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One Teaspoon
                        Awesome Baggies  Distressed Denim Vintage Blue 

The updated 5 pocket vintage blue jeans we've been looking for. Classic features with trendy distressed shredded denim. Perfect relaxed fit looks super chic with your stiletto's and platforms.
Top it with your favorite graphic tee and blazer. Dress it up with your accessories and your ready for the weekend!
Camo Print Skinny Jeans
Camo Print Skinny Jeans
                    This street style camouflage has been a hit with pop cultures and celebrities. It's showing up in everything from jeans to sneakers. Forever 21 has updated it's camo jean with a skinny classic 5 pocket fit and shredded knee. Cool and casual with neutral top and combat boots or high-top sneakers.  
Layered distressed high- rise straight-leg jeans

I'm in LOVE.  This grunge inspired look with it's pulse in the 90's is unique and turning heads. Grunge was created out of the rise of alternative rock music and finical hardship. We are now seeing this inspiration on many luxury label runways. We are layering everything these days so why not our denim. Distressed and washed in the "Leyton Blue".  A light wash color created by the brand. The possibilities are endless with a base like this your statement is already made.